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Do I need any experience with art? What if I’m not very good at drawing?

You do not need any art experience or drawing skills. The focus of Art Therapy is not on the quality or artistic values of the images you create, but rather on the ability to freely express what you are feeling while using the art materials.

How long is a typical session?

Sessions are generally 50 minutes but may be extended with prior discussion with the therapist.

Who would Art Therapy suit?

Everyone of any age, gender or culture can benefit from Art Therapy. Children, adults, seniors, couples and families may achieve beneficial results from the therapeutic nature of making art.

Is there any supervision over Art Therapy practice?

Yes, a professional qualified and registered Art Therapist must undergo supervision, as defined by the ethical roles of the relevant Art Therapy association.

What happens during an Art Therapy session?

Although each session varies with the needs of the client, it usually involves making art followed by a verbal exploration of the image that was created. Afterwards you may choose to discuss the emotional connections that you attribute to the art and the experience of making it.

Does the therapist criticize my art?

Your art is an expression of your personal thoughts and feelings therefore it is not criticized or judged. Guided by the therapist’s expertise and experience, together you explore what the image means to you. The therapist may also point out themes and patterns that emerge through your art. However, it may not be just the finished product that has therapeutic value, but also the process of making the art as well.

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